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Campwatch currently monitors and several state parks for availability.

Campwatch allows you to monitor 1-30 campgrounds or specific campsites depending on your subscription plan.

Every 5 minutes.

Most campgrounds have a max future booking date of 6 months. Some campgrounds have a smaller booking window.

No. Campwatch monitors campgrounds and sends you new availabilities. It's up to you to book the campsite through the relevant state/national booking system.

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You can monitor 1 campground for free.
To monitor multiple campgrounds or specific campsites, sign up for a paid plan.

This is dependent on how each state/national park structures its campground data. When a campground is broken into loops, Campwatch has to then monitor each loop separately. This is why each loop is counted toward your alert list total.

Campwatch is currently available via the website. An app version will be released at a later date.

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